Private Beach & Sand Driving: Tire Purchase Tips to Help Prevent Sinking in Sand

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When going to a private beach area, there may be miles of trails before you actually reach the location. The best way to get to this location is by driving. You cannot just take any car on a sandy beach area. As you plan to visit a beach, it's important to prepare your car for sand driving. The key to this is having the proper tires that can travel through the sand. By preparing, you can visit a tire shop and know exactly what you are looking for. Learning about different tire features will not only allow you to chose the best options for your car, but it can also help you navigate the sand once the tires are installed.

Narrow Treads

The key to having a successful tire for the sand is to allow the tires to float on top of the sand. Tires that dig too deep in the sand will only create problems as the vehicle tries to propel forward. The best way to help with this is by purchasing a tire with narrow treads. With all of the treads on the same level, the tire will not dig into the sand and can help move the car forward as much as possible. A variety of tires have the narrow tread and can be used to successfully navigate the sand.

Low Tire Siping

Along with the the tread, you also want the tired to have low tire siping. The lower siping prevents the tires from digging into the sand and will give you better tracking while driving on top of it. A tire shop can provide you with specific details about the siping sizes on tires. This will allow you to search for the tires with the lowest siping possible.

Low Air Capabilities

Another way to help travel over sand is to remove a lot of air from the tires. Eliminating extra air from the tires will allow it to flatten out and stay on top of the sand a lot easier. Some tires are made for low air capabilities and will have a wider base when air comes out of them. Knowing the air capabilities will help you select the best air pressure levels for your vehicle as it explores the sand.

Valve Stem Remover

Along with purchasing the tires, you can purchase an accessory known as a valve stem remover. A valve stem remover can pull out the whole valve from the tire. This allows you to quickly eliminate air while traveling on the sand. The accessory is a great tool to help if you've been stuck in the sand.

Contact a tire shop to find out more information and select tires that are compatible with your vehicle. For more information, contact a business such as Salinas Tire.