Making A Statement: 3 Wheel Features That Will Make Your Car Look More Sporty

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It's not uncommon for young adults to spend a considerable amount of money customizing their cars with drop kits and fancy paint jobs, especially when you consider the fact that young adults spend $4.2 billion on car customizations. With that said, you can really make a statement by purchasing custom wheels, as they will give your car a more rugged and sporty look. Here are 3 customizations you can make to your custom wheels to make your car stand out in the parking lot.

Custom Finishes

Standard wheels have a polished metal finish, and while this type of finish is rugged and durable, it does not stand out from the crowd due to the fact that almost every other car has the same wheel finish. To make a statement, purchase wheels that possess a different type of finish, as they will stand out more than the standard metal finish.

A particularly popular finish for custom wheels is a matte graphite finish, as it draws attention to the car in a subtle manner. Matte finishes will give your car a more sleek and sporty feel to it. Matte finishes are also able to better hide imperfections, like scratches. However, depending on the type of fancy paint job that your car has, you might want to further take advantage of the custom finishes via the powder coating or full polishing services offered. If you don't particularly like matte finishes, you can opt for a glossy colored finish instead. It's all up to you.

Unique Spoke Designs

The original wheels that come with most cars look rather boring. Fortunately, you can make a lot of customizations with custom wheels that will make your car stand out. There are many different designs that you can choose from that look more sporty.

In general, rims that have more spokes and rims that have spokes laid out in irregular patterns tend to look more stylish. Rims that have more spokes incorporated into the design also tend to look more extravagant. Wheels with spokes that possess a concave profile that collapse inwards into the center of the wheel also add an additional aesthetic element to the overall appearance of the car.

Larger Rim Diameter

The size of the wheels will also have a large influence on how your car will look. Larger wheels and rims tend to look more sporty and cool. Larger wheels also offer additional benefits. Bigger wheels will reduce the tire's sidewall height, which will ultimately improve overall handling. If you want to improve the handling of your car, choose a wheel design that is one inch larger. Keep in mind that a larger rim will result in a harsher ride.

If you're not sure whether or not you would like a larger wheel on your car, you might want to see whether you can get the wheels installed first. This way, you'll be able to gauge how a larger rim will actually look. Custom wheel designs come in different sizes, so you won't have to compromise on what you want.


To make your car into a statement and to fully express yourself, customize the wheels. You'll be able to easily change the entire look of the car with very little effort. Custom wheels are high in quality and will last for years to come. There are also many different designs and customizations to choose from, so you'll get something truly unique that will stand out from the crowd. In addition to improving the overall aesthetics of your car, custom wheels can also greatly improve your car's performance as well. They are truly a worthwhile investment to make. To get started customizing your wheels, check out a company like Extreme Wheels.